What are the homeschool laws and requirements for my state?

The following website, Homeschool Legal Defense Association, has the laws and requirements broken down for each state. https://hslda.org/legal

Please note: It is your personal responsibility, as the parent, to research and meet the homeschool qualifications of your specific state. Thalia’s staff will do everything within their power to provide all documentation necessary as it pertains to their involvement in your child’s education, in a timely manner, so that you can meet all state requirements.

Is Thalia Academy accredited? 

No, however, accreditation is not required or necessary for homeschool programs in any state of the Unites States.  Students who graduate from Thalia Academy will receive a diploma that is just as official as one a student would receive from a public, private or charter school.  We will also provide a transcript if needed for applying to a higher education program or vocational program.  

It is a misconception that students have to have an accredited diploma.  

Choosing not to be an accredited homeschool program allows:

-Thalia to be accessible to all states

-Freedom to create lessons that best benefit the individual student

- NO standardized testing required to meet state laws

Will my student work be assigned a percentage grade?

There will not be percentage grades for student work, but work will be evaluated. The teacher(s) will check student work for mastery and understanding of the taught concept.

Evaluation Scale:

Mastery: The student shows superior aptitude for execution and communication of the concept. Mastery can be shown in many ways; written, verbal, project-based, etc.

Excellence: The student shows complete comprehension and implementation of the concept.

Proficient: The student shows a working knowledge or grasp of the concept with room for improvement.

How will parents have access to student portfolios?

Parents will have access to a Google Drive folder that will catalog their individual students’ work and attendance logs.

What happens if a student misses a lesson?

The teacher will be in contact with you if a lesson is missed. However,  it is the responsibility of the parent and student to revisit missed lessons and complete accompanying activities in a timely manner to receive attendance credit.