About Us

Our Mission

Partnering with parents to give their children an individualized educational experience while establishing The Kingdom foundations of identity, purpose, and destiny.

What sets Thalia Academy apart?

Have you ever noticed how the public school system keeps adding more and more days to the school year? Summer seems to get shorter and shorter.

One of the greatest upgrades that Beth Alexander has innovated, which makes Thalia Academy a superior choice for your child's educational experience, is her signature 130 Learning Day Format!

One of the greatest issues in the majority of public school options is wasted time. Wasted time is really wasted life. In the average public school system your child will spend 1,350 hours of their lives on campus spread out over 180 days.

Because of Thalia Academy’s intentional low student to teacher ratio, your child will spend only 720 hours over 130 days engaged in active learning. Despite spending less time in the classroom, because every hour spent in Thalia Academy is purposeful, your student will graduate each year with a broader exposure to (and retention of) all subjects than your average public school system student. Perhaps best of all your student will accomplish this while having more time to experience life and enjoy being a kid!